A Drug-Free Approach to Fighting Osteoporosis & Osteopenia!

"I've been so pleased with what I have found! I’ve noticed increased strength, balance, and improved posture, which are all key factors to focus on as we age."

- Sarah S.
Physical Therapist & OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

“OsteoStrong has made a positive difference in my life! I look forward to my sessions &
the boost of energy I get. At 72 an increase in strength & energy is exciting.”

-Shirley F., OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

“I was overjoyed when I found out an OsteoStrong was going to open in Little Rock. The owners and staff are all so friendly and knowledgeable. It is an important option for people with osteoporosis and osteopenia.”

-Lucy N.
OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

“My bone scan improved from -3.2 to a -2.6 after just one year! Safe and obviously
effective for a disease that is said to be irreversible...until OsteoStrong! If you have
osteopenia or osteoporosis, please GO HERE. You won't regret it.”

-Olivia K., OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

"I cannot explain how excited I am about the growth I have seen since attending OsteoStrong. My latest bone density test shows an improvement in all areas! I could not be more excited! Thank you, OsteoStrong, for helping me to experience better health!"

Barbara M.
OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

“As a medical professional, OsteoStrong just makes good sense! If there’s a way to improve bone health without medication, I’m all in! I’ve noticed a significant difference with my posture, my balance and my overall strength.”

-Kim P.
OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

“This place is the best! I feel stronger and steadier when climbing stairs and opening heavy doors. Very happy to have this quick and easy way to keep bones strong!”

-Dana & Don C.
OsteoStrong Little Rock Members

“During the 7 months of weekly sessions, I’ve experienced increased strength and improved flexibility. The sessions are short and effective. I especially like the individual assistance from the professional staff.”

-Cynthia R.
OsteoStrong Little Rock Member

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What Is OsteoStrong®?

A Unique System For Developing Your Skeletal Strength

OsteoStrong® works for people of all ages by helping you strengthen the foundation of your body, the skeletal system.

In just 10 minutes per week, you can increase strength & bone density, balance and athletic performance.

OsteoStrong® impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading.

Sessions are quick, painless, and results are measurable and happen quickly.


"No modality I have ever come across has the potential to change the lives of so
many people as this one does."
- Steve Shifflet, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
The results of my DXA scan showed a 7.5% increase in bone mineral density in just 6 months of doing weekly OsteoStrong sessions without the use of a pharmaceutical medication!”
– Edy S.
“My strength increased by over 100% in just 6 sessions. At a spinning class last week, my starting gear was 3 gears higher 
than just weeks before!”
– Izumi T.
I had my blood sugar tested recently and it was the lowest it’s ever been. My blood glucose was so normal my doctor said I didn’t have to have my A1C levels tested for the first time in a decade.”
– Joe M.
“After 10 years of suffering, my chronic knee pain was gone after 3 sessions at OsteoStrong.”
– Dennis B.

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